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Posted by on Jan 15, 2015

Keep the evening of Tuesday 20 January free for a public discussion on, and presentation of, SYRIZA’s government programme and the perspectives of the European Left.

Speakers: Stathis Kouvelakis (Syriza Central Committee member), Andrew Burgin (Left Unity), Andrea Pisauro (‘Altra Europa con Tsipras’), Tina Caballero (Podemos), along with a representative from Front de Gauche.

This is being held from 19.00 onwards in the ‘Diskus’ amphitheatre at the basement of the offices of Unite, the Union, on 128, Theobald’s Rd., London (nearest tubes: Holborn, Russell Sq., and Chancery Lane)

All welcome, particularly members of London’s Greek ex-pat community. Please distribute widely.

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Demonstration in memory of Alexis Grigoropoulos and in solidarity with Nikos Romanos (6 December – Trafalgar Squ. 15:30)

Posted by on Dec 5, 2014



Six years ago, on 6 December 2008, 15-year old Alexis Grigoropoulos was murdered by policeman Epaninondas Korkoneas.

Six years later, on 10 November 2014, Alexis’s friend and witness of his murder, Nikos Romanos begun a hunger strike to defend his legitimate right to special educational leave from prison, which is being denied to him by the Greek state.

Nikos Romanos’s life is hanging by a thread.

On 6 December 2014, we demonstrate in memory of Alexis’s murder and in solidarity with Nikos Romanos at 15.30 in Trafalgar Square, London.

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SYRIZA London members’ general assembly Thursday 30 October at 18.30

Posted by on Oct 27, 2014

please note the next SYRIZA London members’ general assembly shall be held this Thursday 30/10 at 18.30 at the main offices of Unite, the Union, 128 Theobald’s Rd, WC1X, London, in the ‘Diskus’ room (basement level).

Do come along if you are a Greek in London who would like to observe our proceedings or join our organisation; also forward on to any other Greek you may think is interested in doing so. All proceedings are in Greek.

Please arrive on time for a prompt start.

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SYRIZA London members’ General Assembly meeting Thursday 16 October at 18.30

Posted by on Oct 10, 2014

Syriza London members’ monthly general assembly meeting resumes on Thursday 16 October 2014 at 18.30. The event shall be at the main offices of ‘Unite, the Union’, 128 Theobalds Rd, London (ground floor, room 3). Nearest tubes: Holborn, Russell Sq, and Chancery Lane. Also, many bus routes service the area.

The proposed agenda includes organisational issues such as the need for a coordinating committee, and future public events.

All welcome to attend to observe proceedings. Please pass this info on to anybody you think may be interested in our organisation.

Also, anyone interested in joining our party could fill in a short form and join on the day.

Please be punctual to ensure a prompt start of proceedings.


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Syriza London members’ general assembly on Sunday 28 September 2014

Posted by on Sep 26, 2014

Come along to the Syriza London members’ general assembly on Sunday 28 September 2014 starting at 14.00 and slated to last till 18.00.

Please note all proceedings are in Greek. This meeting is open to anyone interested in observing our discussions and in joining Syriza London. Do publicise this with anyone you think might be interested.

Perseverance pub (second floor)
63 Lamb’s Conduit St
Nearest tube stations: Holborn, Chancery Lane, Russell Sq.
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National Demonstration 21 June 2014 – Statement by SYRIZA London

Posted by on Jun 21, 2014


Who we are

We are the official London branch of SYRIZA, the Greek Coalition of the Radical Left. SYRIZA is a democratic coalition of small euro-communist, socialist and ecologist parties unified into a single organisation. In the modern era of austerity and neoliberal policies SYRIZA managed to express and champion the aspirations and interests of the struggling people of Greece, triumphing in the most recent European Elections in Greece. SYRIZA denounces the dominant extreme neoliberal and euro-atlantic policies and believes that they must and can be transformed radically in the direction of a democratic, social, peaceful, ecological and feminist Europe, open to a socialist and democratic future. SYRIZA is in favour of cooperation and coordinated action of left forces and social movements on a pan-European scale.  SYRIZA does not hold euro-centric views and rejects the idea of an insulate “fortress Europe”.


Sharing our experience as people struggling against austerity

The impact of the austerity on the Greek economy and Greek society has been devastating. The austerity measures included cutting wages and pensions, reducing the cost of public utilities through privatisation, imposing extensive labour reforms and making cuts to health and welfare services. These led to an unprecedented unemployment rate of almost 30% (among young people it is more than 60%!), widespread poverty with a 98% increase in poverty rate, over-indebtedness of households, closures of many small shops and businesses and an economic recession which has exceeded 20% of GDP in the past five years. The government debt has further increased and Greeks have to be under “Troika” guardianship for at least 40 years.  Young people are leaving the country thus reducing the potential for future economic growth. Almost one third of the population is currently, or shall be in the near future, at risk of no access to social health insurance. Cases of chronic malnutrition in school children have increased. Infant mortality has reversed and still births have increased. Deaths by suicide went up 45% between 2007 and 2011. Austerity reinforced extremist and intolerant elements of the society. Rates of nationalism, racism and xenophobia, anticommunism, homophobia and anti-Semitism alarmingly increased. Gang street violence is now accompanied by militarized policing, police brutality and state repression.

A real Modern Greek Tragedy.

On the other hand, persistent public resistance is there: 30 general strikes and industrial actions, huge demos in the centre of the cities, and a massive ‘square occupation’ movement; Unprecedented resistance against environmental destruction by entire local communities; low profile resistance and struggle in local councils, the national broadcast corporation, in schools, in universities, in factories; Organised anti-fascist movements all over the country. People of Greece stand up and resist. They show the world that the guinea pigs in this neoliberal experiment are still able to fight for justice and dignity.


Standing in solidarity with the people of Britain

We, the friends and members of SYRIZA, Greek migrants, workers and students in the UK, are here to pass the message. Shout out loud that austerity doesn’t work.

Austerity is the response of the ruling elite to the capitalist crisis they have created.

Poverty and inequality, lack of social justice, destruction of the environment, the rise of extreme right-wing and fascist forces, a further decline of democracy: these are the results of austerity policies, these are the results of neoliberalism and authoritarianism.

We, the Greek migrants, workers and students in the UK, are here to express our solidarity, to support your resistance, to fight with you against austerity. To join you in your struggle against food banks, housing crisis, privatization of NHS and schools, ecologic crisis, violence and war, racism and extremism.


What we need to do

In such profound capitalist crisis, we need to show that the working population, the unemployed, and pensioners, are standing defiant against the logic that there is no alternative to the relentless attacks by the elites. People of Britain, people of Greece, people of Europe must give an answer to this capitalist crisis by working together and in solidarity in an organised massive international popular movement, towards a free, democratic, socialist society.

Neoliberalism and authoritarianism can be stopped and reversed. And it can only be stopped and reserved by us, the people. We either continue on this road of submission, compromise and injustice or we resist and fight back for a new society of equality and dignity of its people.


Down with austerity!

Down with neoliberalism and authoritarian policies!

Another way is possible!

People of Europe Unite and Rise Up!



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Syriza London supports the Saturday 21 June 2014 UK anti-austerity march and event

Posted by on Jun 18, 2014

Tο Σάββατο 21 Ιουνίου διοργανώνεται μια μαζική διαδήλωση στο Λονδίνο ενάντια στη πολιτική των περικοπών και της λιτότητας. Η διαδήλωση αυτή διοργανώνεται από το People’s Assembly. Ξεκινά στη 1μμ από τα κεντρικά του BBC στο Oxford Circus ως το Parliament Square και αναμένεται να κρατήσει μέχρι τις 6μμ.

Θα υπάρξουν ομιλίες από διάφορες προσωπικότητες (ενδεικτικά αναφέρονται Russell Brand, Owen Jones, Carolyne Lucas κ.α.) καθώς και ένα μικρό event/festival. Η διαδήλωση αυτή διοργανώνεται από πέρυσι τον Νοέμβρη και αναμένεται πολύ μεγάλη συμμετοχή από ολόκληρη τη χώρα.

Λεπτομέρειες εδώ: http://www.thepeoplesassembly.org.uk/national_demo_21_june

Τι είναι το People’s Assembly: Το People’s Assembly είναι ένα παν-βρετανικό πολιτικό φόρουμ που σχηματίστηκε το 2013 ενάντια στις πολιτικές λιτότητας, περικοπών στην υγεία και κοινωνική πρόνοια καθώς και στις ιδιωτικοποιήσεις. Σημαντικές προσωπικότητες υπογράφουν την ιδρυτική διακήρυξη ανάμεσα σε αυτούς και ο πρόσφατα αποθανών Tony Benn. Δεν συνδέεται με κάποιο πολιτικό κόμμα αλλά συνεργάζεται στενά με εργατικά σωματεία, προοδευτικά κοινωνικά και πολιτικά κινήματα και ακτιβιστικές οργανώσεις.

Θα ήταν σημαντικό να συμμετείχαμε όσοι περισσότεροι φίλοι και μέλη του Σύριζα γίνεται.
Οι αγγλικές οργανώσεις μας ακούνε προσεχτικά και επιζητούν τη συμμετοχή μας στα κοινά. Έχουμε και την εμπειρία του τι σημαίνει σύγχρονη νεοφιλελεύθερη λιτότητα και δόγμα του σοκ για μια κοινωνία. Είναι σημαντικό λοιπόν ο Σύριζα να έχει μια δυναμική παρουσία στη συγκεκριμένη πορεία, σε συμμετοχή και ενθουσιασμό.

Aς προωθήσει ο/η καθένας/καθεμια από μας αυτή τη πρόσκληση σε φίλους και επαφές του, προφορικά ή από τα μέσα δικτύωσής του. Και ας φέρει μαζί και από έναν φίλο.
Μετά τη διαδήλωση, σκεφτόμαστε ένα London Syriza social event για ποτό/καφέ και κουβέντα για όσους Έλληνες και ξένους συντρόφους το επιθυμούν.


Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/263892633814998/

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